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Why I dont believe



01.    Is it true simply because it says it is?

02.    The best that Christians can argue

03.    Shorthand notes to myself

04.    I once believed in god (1)

05.    I once believed in god (2)

06.    I once believed in god (3)


I have been a church member and student of the Christian Bible for many years.  After careful reflection and thorough investigation I realized that there is no rational basis for Christianity.

I wanted to use a book by Nathan Busenitz, "REASONS WE BELIEVE" as the back drop of presenting the reasons why I do not believe the Christian God exists.

Nathan comes from a school of Christian thought with a very tightly defined and well policed system of doctrine.  Nathan serves as an associate pastor and assistant to John. The author of numerous articles and books, Nathan also teaches at The Masters Seminary, and is the managing editor of Pulpit magazine.

The subtitle of Nathans book is “50 Lines of Evidence That Confirm the Christian Faith”.

The  problem with Nathans book is that he almost immediately start repeating his arguments over and over and after you have dealt with the first two sections, it makes dealing with the rest of his book mostly redundant.

I have practically dealt with most of his arguments after I wrote the first two chapters.

The other problem with Nathans approach is that when Nathan speaks about "Lines of Evidence", he is not talking about "evidence" in the forensic, CSI sense of the word.  He assigns a mystical elements to the concept of "evidence" that we obviously cant deal with.

Neither does he mean "confirm the Christian faith" in the sense of "I confirmed the reality of gravity" or anything close to that.

I have written an account for my children to follow the chronology of my search for god in The anatomy of a skeptic.  Here I wanted to give them an example of an interaction with some of the best arguments that Christianity can muster and I wanted to do this against the backdrop of Nathans book.  However, I realized that the book will have only two chapters and decided to broaden the scope to include some of the other blogs I did over the years on Christianity where I engage some of the Christian arguments.

During my consideration of Christianity I have purposefully tried to think through every issue myself as opposed to follow the reasonings presented by other authors.

Throughout my search for "proofs for the existence of the Christian God" I have not read a single book or spoke to a single person who tried to advocate the proposition that the christian god does not exist.  The arguments I have developed are all my own.

However, after I concluded that the Christian God does not exist, I was eager to see how my arguments would hold up against Christian Apologetics (the domain in theology that tries to prove that their version of God is right).

The articles that I include here tries to engage Christian Apologetics.

I trust you will find it helpful.

Eben van Tonder
South Aftica
November 2009

Why I do not believe - by Eben van Tonder

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